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The cost of building a steel hall: what determines the price per m2 and how to lower it?

Are you planning a new investment? Or maybe the company is growing so quickly that there is not enough space for new offices and storage of goods? In such situations, it is worth considering the construction of a new hall. The most important thing is that it should be used for many years in order to maximize the cost of its construction.

The construction of a new hall is always a serious investment and involves certain, relatively high expenses. That is why it is worth preparing well for this process. The most important thing is to avoid mistakes that could results in even hundreds of thousands of PLN loss.

In the recent years, steel halls have become a popular alternative to traditional brick halls. The speed of their creation and the possibility of easy expansion is increasingly convincing investors to build such light steel structures. Especially that the costs of constructing this type of facilities are much lower compared to traditional brick halls. Investors who plan to construct a brick hall must also include in their calculations the cost of creating foundations, the purchase of building materials, fees for the implementation of construction services, etc. In the case of a steel hall, the whole process can be carried out remotely, commissioning the contractor the full range of work - from the project, through the documentation, to obtaining an occupancy permit.

Where to start?

When starting preparations for the construction of a steel hall, it is first necessary to determine its purpose (what do we need it for and what conditions should be ensured in order to store goods properly). It is also worth determining whether there is a likelihood of expansion of the hall in the future, e.g. with an administrative and office part. Thinking about the costs of building the hall comprehensively, it is necessary to take into account not only the price of the steel structure itself, but also its subsequent operation and the possibility of further transformation depending on the needs.

In order to calculate the price per square meter of a steel hall, four components must be taken into account: preparation costs (which include building permit and appropriate site preparation), the costs of the construction itself (the price of designing and building the facility), finishing costs (the cost of windows, doors, gates, media adaptation and interior design). The last element to keep in mind is the later cost of operating the hall in steel construction, which includes heating, lighting, repairs, etc. After specifying all these factors, the true cost of the entire investment can be determined.

Steel halls are made of a steel skeleton and multi-layer boards, which act as wall fillings. Apart from exceptional cases, such facilities are considered to be the best solution for clients looking for warehouse space.

Why to start?

The main advantages of steel halls include: durability, modernity, relatively easy construction and disassembly, functionality, and a wide range of applications. Although they require similar formalities as brick structures, the construction time is much shorter. It is also important that technologies for the construction of this type of buildings allow the creation of larger rooms without the need to place supports. In addition, the steel hall can be much easier extended than a brick building. Moreover, in the case of disassembly, up to 90% of the elements used for its construction can be sold. Aesthetics is also important - modern steel halls are light, designer shapes of a representative nature.

What is the cost?

The cost of building a steel hall depends on the type of structure, the size of the building, and the method and degree of finishing works specified in the contract. In general, it is usually simplified that 1 m2 of non-insulated steel hall costs from 300 to 600 PLN net, while for insulated constructions it is twice as high - from 600 to 1000 PLN net.
When choosing an offer of a steel warehouse, it is worth paying attention to the scope of an offer and analyzing all its components. In many cases, the cheapest offer at first glance turns out to be very expensive in practice. Everything depends on the materials used, the degree of finishing works and the contractor of the investment.
A typical, medium-sized warehouse with dimensions of 20x50x5 m should cost around 500 thousand PLN net. This is certainly not cheap, but a well-executed investment will definitely pay off. Such investments very often can be supplied by additional fundings such as the RDP 2014-2020 program.

When considering various offers for the construction of a steel hall, it is necessary to analyze in detail the entire scope of the offer. Please note that in addition to the design and steel structure, the valuation includes materials, transport, finishing works and labor costs. It is also necessary to specify the degree of finishing works of the steel hall and to determine in advance the assembly of complementary elements, such as windows, doors or gutters. In brief, check whether the offer is comprehensive and will not generate additional costs at subsequent stages of implementation. This is especially important when investors are in a hurry and they do not have time to talk to another contractor when the construction process is at an advanced stage.
It is worth noticing that an honest offer of a steel hall construction should always contain such elements as: design and static calculations of the steel structure in accordance with PN, description of the structure (i.e. load-bearing elements, roof purlins, wall and roof coverage, gutters, drains), cost of delivery of materials to the construction site, cost of laying foundations, and supervision of the construction coordinator. A properly prepared calculation should also contain a detailed specification of the parameters of the load-bearing structure and finishing materials, e.g. walls and roofs. The construction time of the hall should also be specified, which includes design, production of elements and assembly. In total, usually, it should not exceed ... months.

Steel halls gain in popularity

Considering not only lower investment costs, but also shorter construction time, steel halls are becoming more and more popular, while traditional brick technologies are slowly disappearing. Light steel halls are not only a cost-effective alternative, but also have a number of other advantages, including extended possibilities to adapt them to the real needs of the user. They also have a wide range of applications - they are used not only as warehouses, but also as production, agricultural, commercial, service, and office facilities. Taking all that into account, investors nowadays increasingly focus on this type of industrial construction."

Koszt budowy hali stalowej

Konrad Biarda, Doradca Techniczny, ASBO


Knowledge base

Knowledge base

The cost of building a steel hall: what determines the price per m2 and how to lower it?

Knowledge base

Assembly of steel hall step by step - how is the steel construction process carried out?


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